Welcome to She Is Worth More! My name is Brooke Foy, and I am the founder of the new movement She is Worth More. The site is all about God’s love for us as human beings. “She is worth far more than rubies and pearls.” -Proverbs 31:10 was (and still is) my inspiration for this movement. I want women around the world to feel the love that God has intended for us. I want everyone to feel strong, and confident in who they are and who they are becoming. As a child, I struggled with being bullied, I suffered from an eating disorder in high school, but you know what? God’s love has overwhelmed my life and he has showed me how worthy I am of his attention and affection. As I struggled, I felt that I didn’t deserve to be loved, but what I learned later on is that we have to allow him into our hearts, to mold us, to shape us, and to transform our lives from darkness to light. Once I gave my life to him, my world changed. I stopped being angry at my eating disorder and my struggles and started to see the plan God was creating for me.  This new site is definitely part of God’s plan for me to help inspire, motivate, and provide a place where women can come together in community with one another in God’s love for us.


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