The Power of Photoshop

The power of photoshop. It’s very powerful girls, trust me. As a graphic design major I have been taught how to edit, morph, and change pictures into something else. It’s great for logos and designs, but not so great for people. People should never have EVER been photoshopped in the first place. It’s madness if you ask me. I have always wondered who’s idea it was to begin photoshopping women, (and also men.) It just doesn’t make sense to change something beautiful into something so fake. Watch these video and see what photoshop does…

I just want you all to know that photoshop…it’s almost like magic…you can literally make a girl with red hair, have purple hair…you can make a short girl into a tall girl, you can make a blue-eyed girl have yellow eyes…it’s surreal, but that’s what our society does.

I want to let you know that photoshopped images are all over the media, especially with women. (I’m sure you know this because its everywhere.)  Female models and actresses are called into photoshoots, airbrushed, painted with makeup, then completely edited and altered afterwards. And when I say “altered” I mean altered! They completely change the shape of these women. This is what we are raising little girls with; magazines with photoshopped women that are the “ideal woman.” These little girls aspire to be like these beautiful women, when in all reality they want to be a one dimensional figure on the cover of Vogue.

I’m not saying that models and actresses aren’t pretty…Honestly, they are beautiful! Absolutely beautiful, but they don’t need to be edited! Really! Look at these photos and let me know what you think is more beautiful…personally I love the natural look of these women. Imagine a world where no women wore makeup, they weren’t edited or photoshopped, and we were just real and raw?

How beautiful would the world be?

I challenge you this week to…

  1. Not compare yourself to the women in the magazine
  2. Try to go a day without makeup and see how you feel! Then, maybe try to go for a week! Let your skin breathe for a little.

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