Holiday Struggles

30465ab273d968e59d90752a343a7210.jpg8 days until Christmas!!!

What are you guys excited about? I know that I am excited to spend time with my amazing family and be surrounded by love and comfort!

A couple years ago, around the time of the holidays I would really, really struggle with my body image and my weight. I felt that I needed to exercise like crazy every day and be super careful not to eat anything unhealthy, because I felt like I would gain so much weight over the holidays.  I was too strict with my diet, too regimented with my workouts and too obsessed with how my body looked.

As I write this to you right now, I want you to know that moderation is everything! It took me a very long time to learn this. I also want you to know that there are no “bad” foods, really there aren’t! We deem foods good and bad as a society, but really food is fuel. Food gives us energy to give our family hugs, to pass around presents, and to bake holiday cookies! Now, saying that, there are healthy and unhealthy options, but just because something is unhealthy does not put it on the naughty list! Allow yourself to have treats when you want them.

If you really struggle with eating the whole box of chocolates and cannot just have one, don’t worry, it’s okay, I’ve been there. Think about what is going on. It’s most likely not the food that you are struggling with, its just an outlet, or a coping mechanism.

Are you stressed or anxious? What is making you feel this way?

Are you so uptight (like I was) about your body, workouts, and food that you deprive yourself of what you want?

Are you sad? Are the holidays a hard time for you because of loss or grief?

I want you to know that whatever you are feeling, don’t take it out on your body. Talk about it, let people know what is going on. I know that I hid for so long and it was the most unhealthy thing I could do. People in your life will come around you and support you through whatever it is you are struggling with.

So, these next 8 days until Christmas, try this…3 times a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner.)

Think about what you are feeling.

Write down three things that are bothering you.

Ask yourself why they are bothering you so much.

Then, think about what you can do to have a positive outlook toward them.

Share with someone your feelings.

If it’s anxiety, maybe take a bath, or take a step back from whatever is making you crazy.

If it is sadness, journal your hurts and your burdens or talk to someone close to you.

If it is being uptight about everything, find ways to loosen up a bit…eat in moderation..try different workouts, etc.

In the end, remember you are worthy of love no matter your size, no matter your weight.

God loves us for who we are regardless of our appearances.

love you all!



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