Bigger and Better Things!

Just B…has moved on to bigger and better things. With much prayer, contemplation, and imagination…She is Worth More has finally been created.

Let me take you back a few years… As a little girl I always wanted to make a difference in the world. I never knew how I would do this, but I knew I wanted to and that is all that mattered to me. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve struggle, stumbled, and fallen throughout my life and I wondered what my purpose was. I lost a little bit of that passion to change the world because of how down I truly was. My heart was full of sorrow and I faced obstacle after obstacle for years. Fast forward to high school. This is where I struggled the most. I developed an eating disorder my freshman year and it spiraled out of control soon after that. It all started with a diet, that I felt the need to do, because I was being bullied and made fun of for my body. Girls would mock me and at first it didn’t bother me at all. But negative comment after negative comment and my self-esteem began to wear down. I started the diet, just trying to lose a few pounds, but my self-esteem was so low, I soon became obsessed with losing weight. Girls began to tell me how great I looked, even though I was emaciated and not eating at all. Stress, anxiety, and depression soon followed. My family worried every waking hour about my health, both mentally and physically. Reluctantly, I began therapy. I say reluctantly because I felt that it was a sign of weakness to see a counselor. I didn’t feel like anything was wrong with me. Come to find out, I really needed that therapy. After about three sessions where I hardly talked, I finally broke down. I shared about my childhood of being bullied, my struggles of loneliness, and my fear of eating and becoming a pariah of society. I was afraid of feeling unloved and unaccepted, because that is what the bullying instilled in my mind. I felt that there was something wrong with me. Tears welled up in my eyes, my counselor looked at me and said, “Brooke, you are a strong girl and I know you can do this. Do you want to get healthy?” I started balling and shook my head “yes.” I broke down every wall I had and spent three longs years in therapy working on myself and what had hurt me in the past. I visited other doctors and psychiatrists and they all told me that I would struggle with this eating disorder for the rest of my life. My first counselor was the only therapist that believed that I could beat it. You know why? She knew that God would take care of me. She believed that he would take my burdens away from me and heal me completely. She was the only therapist that actually prayed for me and for my future. I have her and my family to thank for my recovery. I can happily say that I am recovered and God has fully healed me from my eating disorder and the toll that it took on me. He has instilled a love and a grace into my heart that I never knew. He has given me a hope and a joy that I never realized existed.

So, She is Worth More is an answer to prayers that I have had since I was a little girl. That time that I thought I lost my purpose in life was actually strengthening me for today, for the future. This movement has been placed on my heart by God to help girls that are struggling with the same thing that I was. Dealing with hurt, obstacles, self-hate, and body shame. He has given me a purpose and a hope that this movement will inspire women to realize just how beautiful they are. He placed the verse, “She is worth far more than rubies and pearls,” Proverbs 31:10 on my heart to start a movement to create a place that will empower women to love who God has made them to be.

She is Worth More believes in the power of CONFIDENCE.

We live in an age of social media constantly bombarding us with the ideals of “the perfect woman.” That woman doesn’t exist. The organization believes in the fact that we, as women, are worth more than how we treat ourselves. We believe in celebrating the beautiful creations God has made us into.

She is Worth More is a new, upcoming movement that will feature a workshop full of great music, testimonies, a self-care seminar, some shopping, and the love and company of other Godly women. We believe that you should live a life that is full of joy and love. These events are created to celebrate the inner beauty and preciousness of every woman. We believe in creating an environment for women that will impact and inspire them to go out and make positive changes in the world.

She is Worth More Workshops and workbook coming soon!


2 thoughts on “Bigger and Better Things!

  1. So proud and happy for you, Brooke!
    Jeremiah 29:11
    Numbers 6:24-25, sent your way. 🙏🏽❤️😊

    Love, what GOD has put on your heart, to share and impact the world, to grow HIS KINGDOM!


    The Delgado Family

    Liked by 1 person

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